Step into a boundless world where imagination reigns supreme. Discover the enchanting realm of ‘Wonderland,’ where imaginary friends become companions in our latest online story, straight from Tokyo. Embrace the magic of life’s enchantment as we delve into this dreamy universe.

Team Credits:
Photography by Shotaro Yamagoe
Styling by Remi Kawasaki
Hair & masks by Hoestu Shirasugi
Makeup by Anna
Model: Ann Angel at Wizard Models

Fashion Credits:
1) Jumpsuit by Savant Showroom. Top by Caetla. Hat by Hana Yagi.
2) Top by Caetla. Top worn over by Momoko Chijimastu.
3) Top and skirt by Savant Showroom. Collar by Caetla. Hat by Momoko Chijimatsu.
4) Dress by Caetla.
5) Dress by Risako Nakamura.
6) Cape and skirt by Savant Showroom.
7) Dress by Hana Yagi.