Where angels dare

The angel is the numen, the catalyst that opens the door to new opportunities and ideas. It is the knowledge that there is something that we do not yet know. That energy that offers us the hope of the incognito and that has much strength. These are our angels, who inspire and lead to the power of intention.

Team Credits:
Creative direction, Jewellery & Set design: Arian Valcarcel
Photographer: Sam van den Heuvel
Videographer: Fraser JS
Editor: Alicja R
Grading: Marty
Styling: Chloé Guillanneuf
Styling assistant: Luana Viola
Make-up: Jordan Glancy
Hair: Amelia Ball
Choreographer: Monica Nicolaides
Models: Lulu Wang, Lina K and Jane K
Music: Pau Vehí

Fashion Credits:
#1, 2 & 4 Jane wears; Mesh top MATILDA ÅBERG, Bra AMBER W. SMITH, Shoes SARAH GARFIELD. Lulu wears; Shirt PAULA NADAL, Shorts MARTA MARTINO, Coat ILARIA LEPORE, Shoes NATACHA MARRO. Lina wears; Top, skirt and belt CAT O’BRIEN, Shoes EYTYS
#3, 5, 6, 7 & 9 Lina wears; shirt PAULA NADAL, Top LOU DE BETOLY, Skirt LURLINE, Shoes NATACHA MARRO. Lulu wears; top stylist own, vest ALEXANDRA ARMATA, skirt LIQUIST, trousers ALEXANDRA ARMATA, Shoes NATACHA MARRO, Jane wears; Shirt PAULA NADAL, body and leggings LOU DE BETOLY, Shoes NATACHA MARRO