The passion and fire you always felt inside is not only your own little secret, It’s that inner energy and force keeping you moving to the higher levels and being as amazing as you are. Bring it forward and mix it up with that sharp lines and colors that suit you just perfectly.

Team Credits:
photography by Jessica Grossmann
Styling by Marijana Bongardt
Hair & Makeup by Christine Be
Model: Rachel Rep @ Viva Models

Fashion Credits:
#1 Coat by DESIGNERS REMIX. Sunglasses By VOGUE Eyewear.
#2 Suit by ARKET. Shirt with embroidery – NADA DEHNI.
#3&8 Coat by AÉRYNE. Glasses – VOGUE Eyewear.
#4 Patterned dress by ARKET:
#5 Coat by DESIGNERS REMIX. Skirt by ARKET. Sunglasses by VOGUE Eyewear:
#6 Coat by GINA TRICOT
#7 Dress by ARKET. Sunglasses by VOGUE Eyewear.
#9 Coat by Rich & Royal