Sing a song about someone who is cool and fun. A song about a person who lives life to its fullest. A song we can all dance to because we are all that person, vogue.

Team credits:
Photography by Jessica Grossmann
Styling by Anastasia Moor
Hair & makeup by Latisha Nicholson
Model: Eliana Ortiz @M4Models

Fashion credits:
1 & 15# Top by Miu Miu, Dress by Bottega Veneta, Coat: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Belt by Maison Margiela, Shoes by Wandler
2, 9, 12 & 20# Shirt: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Tie: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Coat: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Shorts by Max Mara, Shoes by Wandler
3, 7, 8, 16 & 22# Glasses by Prada, Shirt: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Pants: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Belt by Liebeskind, Shoes by Wandler
4, 6, 10, 18, 21 & 23# Shirt: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Coat: Vintage (Yummy Vintage), Pants by Calvin Klein, Shoes by Wandler, Bag by Wandler
5, 13 & 19# Bag by Freitag, Boots by Kennel + Schmenger
11 & 14# Top by &otherStories, Bag by Montblanc for BMW, Shoes by E8 by Miista, Tights by Falke
17# Bag by Wandler