Vilma Colling Premiere

Vilma Colling – Hör Av Mig EP
Today The Forumist presents the premiere of 19 year old Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Vilma Colling’s debut EP “Hör Av Mig”. The Swedish music scene has seen a rise of young performers emerging lately, starting their careers early and brilliantly. Colling’s lead single of “Hör Av Mig”, “Hörs Det Inte Hör Det Inte Till”, contains clever turns of phrase and a depth unusual for a 19-year old.

It is not only the young performers who are letting their presence be known these days, female artists are also starting to get more well-deserved recognition. This is an important question for Vilma Colling, who sets a clear example for the male dominated music industry by working exclusively with female producers, mixers and masterers, in the case of the single with Name The Pet, Linn Fijal and Frida Claeson Johansson. This initiative, and the current change in the state of things, is vital for The Forumist to encourage and support, hence our backing of Vilma Colling, her values and her music.