Victoria & Braxton

We are finally home alone again, just you and me. Let’s play hide and seek and our favorite dress-up parties. It’s time to have some fun.

Team Credits:
Photography by Shotaro Yamagoe
Styling by Maki Maruko
Hair & Makeup by Riina
Models: Victoria Arroyo at Unknown & Braxton W at Avocado inc

Fashion Credits:
1) On the left, Knit by PEIEN. Shorts: Stylist own. On the right, Knit by PEIEN.
2) Knit by MIKAGE SHIN. Shorts by YUKI SHIMANE. Socks: Stylist’s own.
3) Bag by Pillings. Top: Stylist own.
4) Coat by DECO Depuis 1985. Socks and shoes: Stylist’s own.
5) Dress by Pillings.
6) Stylist own.
7) Knit by MIKAGE SHIN.
8) On top, Top by 333STUDIO. Skirt by MIKAGE SHIN. Shoes: Stylist´s own. Below, Top by Pillings. Rest: Stylist´s own.
9) On the left, blous by YUKI SHIMANE. On the right, shorts by YUKI SHIMANE. Shoes&gloves: Stylist´s own.
On the right, trousers by YUKI SHIMANE. Tops&glove: Stylist´s own.
10) Top & bra by GEMINItale.
11) On the Left, shirts by MIKAGE SHIN. Top by YUKI SHIMANE. Skirt by Pillings. Shoes: Stylist´s own.
12) Dress by PEIEN.