Urban Spree Berlin

An interview with Nicolas Defawe

Nicolas Defawe belongs to Berlin’s alternative art scene like no one else; he’s the co-founder of the well-known Urban Spree Gallery which he started together with Pascal Feucher four years ago.

With the size of 400m^2 the gallery offers place for all kind of arts: here you can find exhibitions, Pop-Up markets, workshops and much more.

Since it used to be an old GDR train factory, the building was more of a ruin when Defawe and Feucher took over it. They had to rebuild almost everything – and to be honest, the result is awesome. You can catch the vibe of Berlin’s always changing, developing and adventurous art scene.



What did you do before you opened the Urban Spree Gallery?

I studied art and then I was an electronic musician. But I’ve always been drawn to creating venues where art meets party: Hbc, plus minus zero, cercle rouge and others …



What do you do at Urban Spree Gallery?

The gallery is run by Pascal Feucher, my part is more the music program of the concert room and big events . The gallery promotes a grassroots artistic approach, working closely with street artists and graffiti artists, urban photographers and contemporary artists; we have a book shop, an  artist residency, a tattoo studio, a big beer garden and an intense music program in our concert room.



Which artist were/are represented at the Urban Spree Gallery?

You will find all the names and the concept on the website www.urbanspree.com

What do you want to change in Berlin’s culture/art scene with the help of Urban Spree Gallery?

Berlin is currently changing a lot and perhaps our aim is to try to keep alive a certain idea of freedom and definitely a form of resistance.



What’s your personal life motto?

Haha , I love this question! I consider myself as something like a builder: I work hard to create spaces for culture and pleasure!



Are there any upcoming projects?

One project is definitely to connect our place with other places in Europe. Also, I’m working on a venue on a big barge to travel with across Europe.



Photos by: Henrike Stahl
Words by: Ole Siebrecht