True Colors

The human body is much like a canvas – a blank page ready to be transformed. Emotions are the metaphor of the paint that fills the canvas with its array of colors, looking beyond the superficial shell and capturing one’s true essence. We are reminded of the beauty, vulnerability, and innocence of our authentic selves, layered with the contrast of bold hues, creating a unique pallet that tells a story behind the work of art.

Team Credits:

Photographer: TOMI
Stylist: HUGO
Hair & Makeup: Yosuke Nakajima ziima
Model: Alayna Neaum @ THE FACE PARIS
Location: Atelier Lytfa Kujawski

Fashion Credits:

1 &2) Canvas-painted dress by Atelier Lyfta Kujawski.
3 &4) Silk dress by Ayten al khayat. Gold Necklace by Celine.
5 &6) Silk dress by Ayten al khayat. Shoes by Prada. Gold Necklace by Celine.
7 &8) Shirt by THEUNISSEN. Pants by THEUNISSEN. Shoes by Lana Volkov. Bag by THEUNISSEN x Nadia Chellaoui. Earrings by Monies.