Traction in the Rain

It’s hard enough, I know, to find the strength to go back to where it all began.
It’s hard enough to gain any traction in the rain. You know it’s hard for me to understand hard to find a way to get through another city day without thinking about gettin’ out.

Team Credits:
Photography by MYRIAM TISBO
Fashion assistant: REBECCA PESSINA
Model: Joey

Fashion Credit;
#1&8 Shirt by ANNA GALAGENKO. Necklace by NITA. Skirt & shoes by VITELLIE. Jeans by SILVIA CANNARELLA.
#2&10 Dress by MRZ. Bra by GIANMARCO MUSSI. Earrings by Nita. Shoes by MARSÉLL. #3 Sweater and skirt by GIANMARCO MUSSI. Top by ATELIER FLORANIA. Shoes by MARSÉLL.
#4&6 Body by WHO AM I. Necklace by NITA. Shoes by GIANMARCO MUSSI. Socks: stylist’s own
#5&7 Longsleeve jacket by WHO AM I. Pants by MRZ. Top by MUZKIN. Necklace by NITA. Shoes by MARSÉLL.
#9 Top, leggings, and shoes by SILVIA CANNARELLA. Shrug by WHO AM I. Necklace by NITA. Skirt by GIANMARCO MUSSI. Bag by ATELIER FLORANIA.