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Anna Galaganenko is a designer to watch when it comes to minimalistic, airy and meticulously created pieces. We asked her a couple of questions on the creative inspiration, development and future plans for what concerns the new line.

Anna decided that she wanted to be in the fashion industry when she was 14. “I dreamt about travelling the world, so in 2007 I started modelling”, says Anna. “It gave me the confidence to do what I always wanted, so as soon as I arrived to work in Italy, I went to study fashion design.” A very honourable element of Anna’s creative development and inspiration comes from the fact that she likes to follow new independent magazines like The Forumist or Wonderland. She is also looking to get to know new photographers and stylists, whilst doing things with her own hands, as this gives her most of the inspiration. She also added that “Nothing will happen if I just look at the visual feed from all over the world – making mistakes and accidental draping is the best way to get my “turn on” mode.”

Clearly, we also wanted to know who are her favourite designers and personalities within the fashion sector, a question at which she answered by saying that: “I’m finishing Mary Blume’s book about Cristobal Balenciaga – in terms of the craft, he is definitely the master of us all. Also, craft-wise I admire Vivienne Westwood. My biggest learning so far has been working for Viktor&Rolf, their work methods did impress me a lot as a young designer. At the moment, the most entertaining fashion for me is made by Demna Gvasalia.”

Of course, one of the toughest ones we’ve asked her was related to how she would have described her creations to someone who has no idea about who Anna Galaganenko is. Well, she thinks that her creations are “effortlessly raw yet perfectly tailored shirts and jeans.” Given the fact that she is manufacturing everything in Italy, in the same workhouse where Dior produces their shirts or Etro and Versace makes their denim, we can safely see that this is pretty clear. “I’m mostly inspired by unpretentious raw fashion sense – imagine Kate Moss on a date with Malevich,” she added. Although very designer-friendly, Anna’s creations could be easily combined with far more streetwear-related pieces, like any gym apparel piece, for example.

Fitting all samples myself is an important part of her design process. During fittings, she said she imagines modern girls who are rocking social media like Hailey Bieber, also a woman like Natalia Vodianova, who is unpretentious and enjoy being a woman in an effortless way just as she (Anna) does. “Or Cortney Trop who is very intuitive in her style and doesn’t follow any common fashion rules.”

“Tell us something about your experience with fashion that nobody knows.”, this is always a hard one. She said that she’s used to designing prints in a textile printing factory because she loves to mix colours and prints! She also told us that she just came back from Berlin, adding that “I love how people express themselves there with their overall appearance. In general, I love to travel as much as I can. I live between Italy, Austria and Portugal.” These are the main places where she finds inspiration. A very important matter is the fact to why she produces everything in Italy, it is because of “Italians love and ability to make the best possible quality. They have been very supportive since the beginning.”

To conclude: What are your plans for the future and the Anna Galaganenko collection?  They’ve recently shot Autumn/Winter 2019 collection campaign with an amazing team in Berlin and she is super excited to show the results to the buyers and stylists. Their feedback will be crucial for planning her label’s further development, so we wish her all the best!


Team Credits:

Words by Vicky Layton
Photography by Lucas Ziegler
Styling and Hair & Make-up by Anna Gala
Models: Fatima KoandaAnna Gala

Fashion Credits:

All by Anna Galaganenko