Mushrooms can cause various reactions in people depending on whom you talk to. They can be delicious when included in a meal. I mean, have you ever tried butter-fried mushrooms? With some steak, potato, and rosemary? Delicious!
They also have many health benefits that I do not think many people know. Like reducing the risk of terrifying diseases like cancer, protecting your brain from Alzheimer’s, stimulating a healthier gut, and even improving your immune system. All of that from a mushroom?! Amazing, right?

When it comes to mushrooms, Swedes are MAD about it. Most Swedish families go out mushroom hunting as soon as the season is right. Do not be surprised if you find a mushroom handbook in their home. And be even less surprised if they refuse to share their secret mushroom locations.

All though mushrooms are great and all, there is of course some stigma around them. And there are dangerous and uncomfortable kinds of mushrooms or fungi out there. The ones that are poisonous, the ones that can mold your house, and the ones for the ladies, that cause yeast infection.
It is important to know your shrooms. Some are your friends, and some need to be burned with fire. Okay no, but seriously, don’t set houses or lady parts on fire but please be mindful that these things exist and can be treated.

Black mold is a scary villain out there. Mold can cause serious damage to your health and ruin your home. And we do not want that! Allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, and chronic illnesses are NOT sexy. Let’s avoid that, shall we?
If you, however, are unfortunate enough to be exposed to black mold poisoning, some uncomfortable symptoms can be feeling fatigued, blurred vision, and neurological issues.
That’s a NO for me. How about some tips on how to get rid of mold? Got some vinegar, baking soda, and a spray bottle? Mix those together with some water, spray it on the spot, and rub with a dish sponge (and use gloves, ya nasty!) and it should be gone. Just like magic!

With this story, we want to expand your knowledge on some of the wonders of mushrooms and fungi and inform you which ones you should run for the hills from. Spring is around the corner, and we want to celebrate new growth and that the sun is finally back in the sky. Treat yourself and take in all the vitamins offered to you by nature and let’s bring back life to our world again.


Team credits:
Concept, direction, and set design by Nina Oswald & Ruby Oswald
Photography by Kate Lee
Gaffer/Light Assistant: George Lee
Words by Sofia Karimah