Stagnant Lake

Eclectic day-dreams spring forth in a stagnant, lakeside dream that may only exist in your mind’s eye. Exhale the static air from your lungs and come to life



Team Credits

Photography by Madoka Shibazaki

Styling by Syuto Tanaka

Hair and Makeup by Yuka Endo

Model: Kotoha from Bellona


Fashion Credits

1-2. None

3. Top by H&M; Long sleeve by G.V.G.V.; Vintage Pants; Stylist’s own shirt

4-7. Top by PERMINUTE

8. Top by H&M

9-10.  Top by H&M; Stylist’s own shoes

11. None

12. Dress by PERMINUTE; Top by H&M; Stylists’s own shoes & gloves

13. Dress by PERMINUTE; Top by H&M

14. None

15. Dress by PERMINUTE; Top by H&M; Stylist’s own gloves

16-18. Top by PERMINUTE; Vintage Coat

19. None