The land of tears

I woke up today and remembered my dreams about being in a far distant place where I would finally be free to be who I am and be able to share love and peace with the world, but here I am starting another day in this mysterious place that we call the land of tears.

Team Credits:
A story by Natalia Samoilova
Model: Evgeny

Fashion Credits:
1) Jacket by Ichi. Tights by Tezenis.
3) Gloves by Accent. Jewelry by Akong.
4) Body by Benetton. Gloves by Accent. Pants by Levi’s. Jewelry by Akong.
6) Dress by Reserved. Skirt by Gloria Jeans.
7) Hat by Chillouts. Jacket by Bogner. Pants by Joss.
9) Dress by Reserved. Glasses stylist own.
10) Gloves by Accent. Jewelry by Akong. Skirt by Seventy.
11) Jewelry by Akong.
12) Hat by Termit. Jacket by Adidas. Skirt by Cos.