Two mysterious bodies in the forest in Mexico. They live in a cave. Nobody knows their names or where they come from. Seems they‘ve met a very long time ago in the forest, so they have some arms with them. Some residents living nearby said a lot of people saw two ghosts wandering in the forest.

but some people said they are two soldiers from the old days. But looks like they have never left the forest…and, the most mysterieux thing is, someone said they’ve fell in love with someone, not the kind of platonic love, it was the most dangerous love, a profane love. Though nothing happens, but there are several people once close to the cave, they said, they felt it. And they
fell asleep.

This is a myth in that forest,But we are going to looking for them, this might be very difficult and dangerous…(ps:i am thinking about this with a elegant smile like a Skeleton.) We will not only take some picture of some mysterieux things…we will try to come closer,far and near…I mean, maybe part of myself will be living with them in the forest…

Team credits:
Photography by Nyo jinyong lian
AD/styled by Rong du
Mua: Yin liu
Hairstyle by Anita bujoli
Feauturing: Hyuni, Lucile

Fashion credits:
#1 Clothes styliste‘s own, Necklace by delphinecharlotteparmentier
#2&15 Cloth by floramiranda
#4 Cloth stylist’s own
#5 Shoes/shirt by Didu
#6 Cloth by floramiranda
#7 Cloth stylist’s own
#9 Coat by meiloumi, Shirt by lazoschmidl, Skirt by yiekim, Accesories by delphinecharlotteparmentier
#10 Coat by meiloumi, ring by transeparis
#11 Corset by Didu
#13 Corset by Didu, Tie bag by transeparis
#16 Cloth stylist’s own