If the curfews, dissolved air bridges, a law banning dancing and a long time passed in the isolation is just growing over your head, then it’s a good time to telegraph yourself into a different dimension of the sensuality of gemstones and glamour just for a little while.

Team Credits:
Photography by Gabriel Orlowski
Styling by Katya Starodubova
Hair & Makeup by Marta Kowalczyk
Set Design by Katarzyna Sojka
Model: Magda @ Selective mgmt.
Studio: Daylight Studio

Fashion Credits:
#1Dress by Po Co Clothes. Shoes by Massimo Dutti
#2&5 Jacket vintage. Tights by Calzedonia. Belt by H&M. Shoes by Zara
#3 Dress by Po Co Clothes
#4&7 Dress by Jap
#6 Corset by Atelier Planeta
#8 Dress by Robert Czerwik