Sunset of a clown

It’s a new winter day and the sun is struggling to reach its height over the horizon to bring its far-distant appearance to spread light and life to the north. Absorb each ray of this light and let it shine through, to light up the world around you after sunset.

Team Credits:
Photography by Misuzu Otsuka
Styling by Yuki Tsuchida
Hair and Makeup by Ryoki Shimonagata
Models: Daniel Bujak & Raheem Rogers

Fashion Credits:
1) Left model dress, HARUNOBUMURATA. Right model
jacket, VIVIANO.
2) Tank top and double shirts, NEONSIGN. Pants, HARUNOBUMURATA. Shoes, MAGLIANO. Globe, RYO TOMINAGA.
3) Jacket, RequaL. Skirt, HEōS. Shoes, SHINYAKOZUKA.
4) Jacket, VIVIANO.
5) Upper models cape & dress, HAENGNAE. The model below
coat, FUMIKA UCHIDA. Vest vintage.
6) Shirt, jacket, sandal and double pants, MAGLIANO.
7) Jacket, VIVIANO. Skirt, BLESS. Socks & shoes vintage.
9) Vest, pants & shoes, MAGLIANO. Hip waders, FUMIKA UCHIDA.
10) Upper models jacket, HEōS. Top, SIMONE WILD.
The model below, tank top and double shirt, NEONSIGN.
11) Jacket, HEōS. Top, SIMONE WILD.