This story is not about belonging to what is told by everyone else being normal or not fitting into your grandmother’s tea parties. It’s about finding new directions and pushing the coordinates of your ways and habits. It’s a good time to renew yourself and your life. Let’s try keeping it stray for a change.

Team Credits:
Photography by Ryohei Hashimoto
Styling by Dominika Szmid
Headpiece/ hair by Soh Kogasaka
Makeup by Yuka Nishi
Model: James Marlon

Fashion Credits:
1&2 Dress by Sui
4 Complete outfit by Ninamounah
5 Jacket by Salvatore Ferragamo. Top by Pihakapi, Pants by Dressedunderessed.
6 Shirt by Pameo Pose. Top stylist own. Pants by Dhruv Kapoor
7 Shirt by R.Shemiste
8&9 Denim by Dressedunderessed. Bra by Niki