Through the translucent, under the veil. Constant longing and filtered emotion. Memories of touch and pressure. Friction of skin on skin. Abstract recollections of a future embrace.

In this portrayal of artist Regina Demina, Mastrandréas aims to ”talk about the violence that the woman’s body has integrated. To reappropriate violence in a deliberate way to overcome it.”.

A genderless vision rooted in freedom and equality completely lacking oppressive borders and gravities of identity.

Every second, every minute it seems you’ve set it running free. I recognize your fragrance of a flower bloomed in a dark room. Your natural hair and your soft skin flickering. Reaching for the highest branch. Savage blossoms shared in unanimity.

If the curfews, dissolved air bridges, a law banning dancing and a long time passed in the isolation is just growing over your head, then it’s a good time to telegraph yourself into a different dimension.

I’m the trouble starter in your cyber imagination, a fear addicted one you hated. I’m the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated. I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter

The boredom and isolation is a forcing power to endure creativity and a key to open up the hidden doors in your imagination