Sophia Eriksen

That feeling, when suddenly seeing something that makes you stop and take a pause. It can come in many shapes and forms, but it holds on to your attention. This work, by makeup artist Sophia Eriksen pretty much sums up all of above and we felt it was too inspiring not to share, so here it is…

Curious about Sophia and this look she created, we asked her to share some insight into what inspired her, what sparks her creativity and views on makeup / life.

In your own words, describe this look?
The look is simple, makeup lines that look like hair. This has been an evolving process from a period when I was really into creating shapes with lines in different ways.



What was the inspiration?
I have always found the best inspiration on the streets, looking at real people especially in subcultures.
This makeup is inspired by haircuts on kids that I see daily in my hoods.

Dream scenario, where would you love to see someone pull off this look?
Would love to see someone with a painted comb over, simply sitting on a bench and enjoying life.

How long have you been a makeup artist? How did you get your start?
I started makeup 10 years ago, first I was assisting.

Do you have a signature look? How would you describe your aesthetic?
My style is in a constant change, but I would say that right now I am going through a phase of simplicity. I like strong and simple looks, not overdone in any way.

Do you have a favorite beauty trend from the past?
There is something from every decade and culture that I like, but overall I would say I’m a 90s girl. I grew up during that time and it just feels like home.

What are you looking forward to in beauty trends for Summer 2016?
Freckles and less makeup.



If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be doing?
I would study criminology and write a very nasty crime book.

Your personal beauty advice – do’s & don’ts – you can share?
Skincare! Take care of your skin, find products that work for you and drink a lot of water. Everything looks better with a healthy glowing skin.
I am not a very big fan of too much foundation in a wrong color. But I do believe that everything can be pulled off, with the right attitude…

Upcoming projects you are working on, or craving to do?
Between all my jobs and creative makeup chaos I really love to just spend all the time I get with my family.


Words by Anna Åhren

Photography by Karl & Kristof

Fashion credits:


Beauty by Sophia Eriksen / Hall&Lundgren

Hair by Sherin / Adamsky

Model: Cosette Bäckman / Lemanagement