Solar Polar

“Bonjour” from Paris with love and warmth. Let’s celebrate your beauty and grace with elegant colors that turn heads wherever you go. Get your swimsuit ready and dive in. The world is your oyster.
With this story we want to remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to. And that summer is almost here, get ready.

Team credits
Photographer: Olivia Haudry
Assisted by Jules Lé Van Nhuong
Stylist: Clémence Chatain
Makeup artist: Elisa Verdon
Hairstylist: Bastien Zorzetto
Manucurist: Séverine Loréal with indian summer from MANUCURIST
Model: Tanya Madisson at Premium Models

Fashion credits
2, 5& 10) Polyester swimsuit top by Filipe Augusto
3) Eco viscose knit dress by AmcaOval
4& 12) Leather dress by DROMe and stainless steel 14k gold earrings by HeyHarper
6& 11) Cotton dress by Highlight, chain belt by Mirae, leather shoes by Bettina Vermillon
7) Jersey jumpsuit by Provincia