Soft concrete


In a compound of leather and concrete along with flowers and soft silhuettes is this delicate yet raw portrait of desire and pursuit.



Team Credits
Photography by Andoni+Arantxa
Styled by Megal Grouchka
Hair by Yoann Fernandez
Makeup by Mayumi Oda
Casting by Rama Diakite
Model Romane Greze

Fashion Credits
#1/2 Dress and boots by Ellery
#3 Leather top by Nanushka, jogging by Vince, coat by Stutterheim
#4/15 T-shirt by Loreak Mendian, coat vintage, pants by Acne Studios
#5/6/7 Shirt by Equipment, dress by Skiim, boots by Ellery
#8 Body by Acne Studios, skirt by Nanushka
#9 Polo by The White Briefs, pants by Acne Studios, shoes by Zimmerman
#10 Sweater by Altuzarra, pants by Joseph, shoes by Acne Studios
#11 Jacket by De Fursac
All jewellery, vintage