Smoking Glow



Team Credits:

Photography by Sebastian Donath
Styling by Lisa Filippini
Make Up by Tina Fischbach & Katharina Handel
Hair by Wataru Suzuki (using Bumble and Bumble)
Set Design by Simone Serlenga
Photography Assistant: Paul Skulimma
Casting by Sophia Beck
Set Assistant: Alice Faucher & Suzanne Quesney
Styling Assistant: Marina Daflon
Backstage Photographer: Elena Veronese
Models: Sarah (Viva Models), Maike (MIHA Models), Zuzanna (Spin Models), Paulina (M4 Models), Rayene (Izaio Models) and Johann (Viva Models)
Location: CRCLR Circular Economy House Berlin

Fashion Credits:

#1 Earrings by Oscar de la Renta, Dress by Lena Voutta, Stockings by Falke, Boots by Steve Madden
#2 Dress by Marcel Ostertag, Belt by South Africa embroidery
#3 Coat by Raey, Underwear by La Perla, Sneakers by Steve Madden
#4 Sweater by Steinrohner, Trousers by Verena Schepperheyn
#5 Top and Dress by Lena Voutta
#6 Shirt by Verena Schepperheyn
#7 Earrings by Oscar de la Renta, Top and Skirt by Odeeh
#8 Shirt by Fred Perry, Blazer and Trousers by Joseph
#9 Jacket by Verena Schepperheyn, Polo by Fred Perry
#10 (left) Earrings by Anne Mjane, Blouse by Cruba, (right) Earrings by Jane König, Blouse by Joseph
#11 Coat by Marcel Ostertag
#12 Coat by Raey
#13 Earrings by Oscar de la Renta, Dress by Lena Voutta
#14 Jacket and Trousers by Verena Schepperheyn, Polo by Fred Perry
#15 Earrings by Jane König, Blazer and Trousers by Joseph
#16 (left back) Earrings by Jane König, Bra by Marlies Dekkers, Trousers by Marcel Ostertag, (center front left) Earrings by Jane König, Blouse by Joseph, Skirt by Odeeh, Sandals by Steve Madden, (center front right) Earrings by Oscar de la Renta, Top and Skirt by Odeeh, Socks by Falke, Shoes by Gucci, (center back left) Shirt by Fred Perry, Blazer and Trousers by Joseph, (center back right) Earrings by Anne Mjane, Blouse and Pants by Cruba (back right) Shirt by Verena Schepperheyn,  Trousers by CP Company

All plants by Plant Circle
All accessories by Bohazel