Siren’s Song

Amidst steep cliffs, waves crash into a small bay, shrouded in mist under the moon’s glimmer. The ocean, a liquid obsidian, ripples as a fin cuts through, fierce eyes piercing the night. Haunting voices beckon, inviting you to explore a world of shadowy waves and mysterious creatures. Follow the call of the sirens, dive into a sea of inspiration, and drift to new shores with this editorial.

Team Credits:
Photography by Lara Ohl
Styling by Teodora Jimborean
Set Design by Bridget Hao
Hair & Makeup by Tatjana Hoffmann
Model: Alith Bol at M4 Models
Photography assistants: Fiona Körner & Aristidis Schnelzer
Styling Assistant: Alpha Barret

Fashion Credits:
2) Pants by Lea Theres Lahr-Thiele. Top, necklace & shoes: upcycled by TBaby. Rings, vintage.
3) Top by Nissa. Skirt by Alysi x TBaby. Coat by Lea Theres Lahr. Necklace by Alpha Barrat. Bracelet and shoes, vintage.
6&10) Dress by Laetitia Prato. Rings by Pilgrim Jewellery. Necklace & shoes by Thrifted.
7) Dress by Lion Busch. Earrings by Alpha Barrat. Rings, vintage.
8&9) Dress by Helen Heise. Bracelet by TBaby.
11) Dress by Lion Busch. Pearl collar by TBaby. Rings by Pilgrim Jewellery. Shoe covers by Lion Busch.