Shine like a diamond

The beauty of imperfections inspires the concept of this story, by dissecting the idea of perfection and the societal pressure that we experience today, and also to underline the importance of the actual journey rather than the end result, in the context of success vs. failure – it is a time of sharing and being loved. Enjoy and cherish every moment to come.

Team Credits:

Art direction & Production by Quirin
Photography by Dariia Migalova
Photo Assistant: Anna Gutmacher
Styling by Sophia Friedl
Styling Assistant: Karl
Hair by Tina Pachta
Makeup by Alisa
Casting by Leila
Models: Mariam at Louisa models and Ibukun at Mirrrs Models.

Fashion Credits:
1&6 Dress worn underneath by Ottolinger. Dress by Marie Louise Vogt. Shoes by Miu Miu. Rings & Earrings by Pilgrim.
2,5,7&8 Jacket by Greta Klingel. Top by Pauline. Skirt by Damur. Tights by Tytm8. Shoes by Camper. Earrings by Bimba y Lola.
3,4,9&10 Cape by Claudia Walter. Top by Jean Gritsfeldt. Body, Panty & socks by Kasia Kucharska. Necklace by Bimba y Lola. Shoes: Vintage.