Shaped by Lightning

 Welcome to the lightning that shaped us. Shot in Berlin, this fashion story takes us out of the studio and a shade into the supernatural side. The human form is a sculpture all on its own and we encourage you to delve into the unique shape and lines of your body



Team Credits:

Photography and Styling by Léa Wormsbach

Hair and Makeup by Berenice Ammann

Model: Jessica at M4 Models

Assistant: Deborah Eliza


Fashion Credits:

Header Image:  Blazer by YSL; Gloves & Underwear by Prada; Shoes by Maison Margiela

2. Pants by Miu Miu, Blazer by Moschino

3. Pullover by Versace; Earrings by Chanel; Underwear by Prada; Socks by Miu Miu

4. Pullover by Versace; Earrings by Chanel; Socks by Miu Miu

5. None

6. Blazer by YSL; Gloves & Underwear by Prada; Shoes by Maison Margiela

7. Dress by Miyake

8. Coat & Dress by Prada; Earrings by Chanel; Shoes by Miu Miu

9. Blazer by Moschino

10. Blazer by Moschino

11. Dress by Miyake

12. Blazer by YSL; Gloves & Underwear by Prada; Shoes by Maison Margiela