Got a very big ego
Embedded in me that’s the heritage ego
I’m a woman, who can teach you a little something about class
All this here is worked for, not inherited
And let ’em hate, they ain’t messing with the steeze though

Team Credits:
Photography by Pierre-Emmanuel Testard
Stylist: Julie Cristobal
Makeup by Marianne Agb
Model: Louise Niels

Fashion Credits:
1 & 2# Jacket by Materiel Tbilisi, Pants by Guess By Marciano, Right Earring by Layers, Left Earring by Justine Clenquet, Ring by Iria Mine
3# Sweater by Veronique Leroy, Trousers by Veronique Leroy, Earring by Marc Deloche, Ring by Le Mat Paris
4# Sweater by Acne Studios, Bracelets by Anna Shelley and Bonanza, Earring by Juliette Laloë, Ring by Goossens
5# Jacket by Kristina Fidelskaya, Bracelet by Monies
6# Tank Top by Petit Bateau, Chain by Bonanza & Hypso Paris, Earrings by Monies
7# Trenchcoat by Guess by Marciano, Necklace by Bonanza, Earring by Juliette Laloë