Seen / Unseen


Team credits:

Photography by Akira Honda 
Styling by Marie Choi Higuchi 
Make up by Mariko Suzuki 
Hair by Tano (Cutters)
Model: Mar Gonzalez

Fashion credits:

#2 Vest by Ujoh, Shirt by The Keijl, Pants by Postelegant
#3 Bolero and Pants by Jean Genie & Hungry Freaks daddy, Top by Hakuji, Earrings by Flake
#4 Shirt and Turtleneck The Keijl, Pants and Shoes by Hyke, Earrings by Flake 
#5 Jacket by Ihnn, Blouse by Fumika_Uchida, Pants and Belt by Hyke, Earrings by Flake 
#6 Body suit by Lautashi, Skirt by Ujoh, Earrings by Flake, Shoes by Hyke, Tights: Stylist’s own 
#7 Body suit by Lautashi, Tights: Stylist’s own
#8 Jacket and Pants by Fumika_Uchida, Leg warmers, Shoes and Earrings by Hyke 
#9 Dress by Fumika_Uchida 
#10 Dress by Hyke, Belt by Fumika_Uchida, Earrings by Flake  
#11 Coat by Akane Utsunomiya, Pants by Hyke, Earrings by Fumika_Uchida 
#12 Dress by Postelegant, Scarf and Earrings by Hyke