Understand your roots. Your roots shape you and create a foundation for your expression before you go your own way



Team Credits

Photography by Diego Bendezu

Styling by Israel Mejia

Hair by Vi Huynh

Makeup by Aya-ka Nihei

Model: Marie-Louise Nielsen Wedel from The Society NYC

Shot on location at Chestnut Farm in Carmel, New York.

Special Thanks to JD, The Dworaczyk Family & Mary Mayland.”


Fashion Credits

1. Undershirt by Audra; Dress by Ji Oh; Shoes by AGL

2. Earrings by Avocet; Blazer jacket by Filles A Papa; Rings by Mountain & Moon

3. Dress by Linder; Shoes by AGL

4. Earrings by Avocet; Handkerchief by Mona Sultan; Top by FRAME; Overall by Rachel Antonoff; Shoes by Alexis Gamblin

5. Bolero hat by JJ Hats; Skirt by Allina Liu

6. Earrings by haarstick; Top by Audra; Skirt by ARIAS; Dress by Rachel Antonoff; Handkerchief by Mona Sultan; Shoes by AGL

7. Earrings by Mountain & Moon; Shirt by FRAME; Top by Kelsey Randall; Pants by Laurence & Chico; Shoes by Alexis Gamblin

8. Earrings by Aoko Su; Dress by Kelsey Randall

9. Handkerchief by Mona Sultan; Top by Ji Oh

10. Hat by Brown Hat; Earrings by Dee de Lara; Ring by Mountain & Moon; Necklace by CastleCliff; Top by Kelsey Randall; Skirt by Filles A Papa