Embark on a Parisian reverie, strolling through the echoes of memories in the town of the broken hearts. Delve into the enchanting interplay of nostalgia and reality, capturing the essence of a once-lived life. As we bid farewell to this year and welcome the new, explore how our attachment to bygone moments paints our present and future, unveiling the intricate dance of time.

Team Credits:
Photography by TOMI UMEMIYA
Styling by Giorgia Ferrari
Hair & Makeup by MOE
Model: TYA
Styling assistant: Barbara Anthofer

Fashion Credits:
1,2 & 9) Coat by Ruohan. Sweater by R.L.E. Skirt by RUS. Shoes by Empty Behaviour. Earrings & necklace by Sarah Madeleine Bru.
3 & 10) Full look by Ruohan. Shoes by Empty Behaviour. Earrings, necklace & ring by Julia Bartsch.
4 & 8) Blazer & dress by Denzil Patrick. Bag by Roger Vivier. Earrings & necklace by Julia Bartsch.
5 & 6) Top & skirt by Dawei. Shoes by Roger Vivier. Earrings by Sarah Madeleine Bru.