Rebels With a Cause

In a world where trends and social norms spread at a rapid pace, the desire to stay true to one’s true self is perhaps stronger than ever. Which is why The Forumist is celebrating Dr. Martens, that instantly recognisable icon of originality, and the fearless faces of Sweden’s fashion future.


The various pressures of our times make it increasingly difficult to embrace uniqueness and to stay calm in the informational overflow that we are constantly bombarded with. In many spheres, the homogeneous is favoured over the heterogeneous, the habitual over the unexplored, and the safe over the adventurous, so it’s hard not to admire the creative spirit, self-expression and ingenuity of the next generation of Swedish fashion-design talent.


During Stockholm Fashion Week at the end of August, a specially selected group of alumni from The Swedish School of Textiles and a host of other great talents showcased their playful and eye-catching designs before an expectant crowd – and the audience was not disappointed. Through a flurry of materials, colours, details and unique cuts, these talented creators showed the world that they are the future of fashion and design, the young stars who will carry the torch for years to come and whose designs will become the cult looks of tomorrow.


For Dr. Martens, the now iconic
footwear brand, its designs were born from a persisting sense of rebellious self-expression and originality that has permeated the brand ever since the 1960s. Through its unabashed attitude and ingenuity, the brand has created timeless and unmistakable designs, and become a true icon – and it all came from an urge to be different, a need to embrace one’s true self. So over the next pages, The Forumist is celebrating the shared sense of originality and self-expression between Dr. Martens and this new generation of Swedish design talent.


Reflecting the rebellious, original heritage of Dr. Martens, these young designers’ creations are bound to become future classics. Whether they spread their wings on their own, or choose a more treaded path, these talents will continue to innovate, push boundaries and stay refreshingly rebellious. This is only the beginning of a transition that will not only change their own lives, but the course of fashion and design.



Team credits:

Words by Petter Bladlund 
Photography by Andreas Karlsson
Styling by Emma Thorstrand 
Special Thanks to Dr. Martens 

Fashion credits: 

#1 Mukai Mary-Jane Shoes by Dr. Martens, Dress by Stina Randestad 
#2 Mukai Shoes by Dr. Martens, Coat by Alice Jardesten, Stockings: Stylist’s own  
#3 Vegan Pascal Chrome Boots by Dr. Martens, Dress by Lynn Tallvod, Stockings: Stylist’s own 
#4 Nyberg Boots by Dr. Martens, Dress by Linn Sohl 
#5 Vegan Pascal Shoes by Dr. Martens, Dress by Matilda Envall, Stockings: Stylist’s own
#6 Serova Shoes by Dr. Martens, Jacket, Trousers and Hat by Rave Review 
#7 Vegan Pascal Chrome Boots by Dr. Martens, Dress by Matilda Forssblad 
#8 Vegan Pascal Chrome Boots by Dr. Martens, Bodysuit by Kajsa Willumsen 
#9 Nyberg Boots by Dr. Martens, Dress by Karolina Centeno Norberg, Stockings: Stylist’s own