Put your red shoes on

Summer holds the power to fuel all that we do… inspiration is found & felt anywhere so when that heat wave hits, no matter if you’re in the city or stretching out on a festival field, run with it. Dress like the music you hear, the air you breathe or how the warm water feels against your skin.

In their latest editorial our friends in Paris show us how to let our look and sense of style reflect all things heartfelt… letting our hearts beat like a drum in tune with the season.
















Photography by Babette Pauthier

Styling by Alexandra Conti

Make-up by Céline Exbrayat

Hair by Rimi Ura

Special thanks to Global Production

Fashion credits:

#1 Leather dress, Acne

#2 Jeans, American Apparel. Resin bracelet, Marion Godart. Yellow gold and silver ring, Disa Allsopp @ White Bird

#3 Cotton body & patent leather skirt, Courreges. Velvet & leather shoes, Acne. Denim collar, Victoria Thomas. Golden earring, Isabelle Michel. Bracelet, Gripoix

#4/5 Denim collar,Victoria Thomas. Earring, Isabelle Michel

#6/7 Rhinestone earring, Swarovski

#9 Leather dress, Acne. Bracelet, Argument. Golden earring, Marie Beltrami. Velvet & leather shoes, Acne

#10 Leather & PVC jacket, Longchamps

#11 Cotton & silk top, Acne. Earring, Isabelle Michel

#12 Jeans, American Apparel. Neon yellow resin bracelet, House of Flora. Glass resin bracelet, Marion Godart. Earring, Isabelle Michel

#13 Hairnet body, Wolford. Cotton dress, Victoria Thomas. Necklace, Argument

#14 Leather & PVC jacket, Longchamps. Metal earring, Viveka Bergstrom

#15 Leather & PVC jacket, Longchamps. Rhinestone earring, Swarovski

#16 Metal earring, Viveka Bergstrom

#17 Rhinestone earring, Swarovski