Pump up the Jam

A healthy body and mind are the key to unlocking a world of creative potential. When we prioritize our health, we give ourselves the energy and focus we need to dream big and generate innovative ideas. By nourishing our bodies and minds, we create the space for inspiration to strike and for our imaginations to flourish. So, let’s prioritize our health and watch our creativity soar!

Team credits:
Photography by Detlef Schneider
Styling by Stefanie Schwaiger
Hair & Makeup by Sarah Rabel 
Model: Wendy Kesicki
Photo Assistant: Lia Bardehle
Studio&Lighting: FGV Schmidle

Fashion Credits:
1) Sports bra & leggings by ARMEDANGELS. Pullover by Lanius.
2) Body/ jacket by Wollford.
3) Body by Oceansapart. Leggings by Wolford. Shoes by Sergio Rossi.
4&7) Top & leggings by Oceansapart. Pullover by dariadéh.
5&9) Sport bra by Arket. Shirt & shorts by Adidas by Stella McCartney.
8) Sport bra & shorts by Marc O Polo. Jacket Adidas by Stella McCartney. Shoes by Kennel & Schmenger.
10) Complete look by Adidas.