Playing Sarah

It takes guts to run red into the sun and to mollify your surroundings. Courage is all around us to spread its strength and guidance. Only when you embrace it can you make a change and modify yours.

Team Credits
Photographer by Victoria E. Paternó
Styling by Florine da Silva
Model: Sarah Daoui at Oui Management Paris

Fashion Credits:
#1,2 Vest by PATOU, skirt by VICTORIA TOMAS, boots and gloves by UNTITLED_19, Tights by FALKE
#3 Hat by ROMUALDA, Bodysuit by JACQUEMUS, shirt by VICTORIA TOMAS, Socks
#4 Top and sandals by KENZO, Pants by PATOU by FALKE, Sandals by KENZO, Bracelet by RABIN KAYQROUZ
#5,10 Blazer and socks by PATOU, belt by LOEWE, Culotte by SESSÙN,
#6 Dress and Short by NGUYEN HOANG TU, Earrings by PATOU, Leggins by MIU MIU, Bracelets by RABIN KAYQROUZ
#7 Dress by KENZO
#8 Dresses by NGUYEN HOANG TU, Boots by UNTITLED_19, Earrings by UNTITLED_19, Necklace by WWAKE
#7 Dress, top and skirt by PATOU