Enter the Wild

Imagine your style as a window into nature – a way to share the love and energy of your outdoor lifestyle 

Three talented photographers immerse themselves into the elements of nature to create images that allow us to enter the wild. Alric Ljunghager, John Strandh and Martin Wichardt have an instinct for capturing the mood and intensity of the outdoors in their photographs – and this intuition has been transferred into a limited edition clothing collection.

Fashion becomes a backdrop for photography as this collection takes a glimpse into the untamed wilderness that surrounds our cities. Photos come to life on the human form; a new way to feel the intensity of nature and the rawness that comes with it. Enter the wild, connect the outdoors with your lifestyle and bring it with you wherever you go.

Peak Performance’s Enter the Wild cruise collection is out now, and it is redefining tradition as we know it.

Team Credits

Photography by John Scarisbrick

Styling by Emma Thorstrand

Hair and Makeup by Lillis Hermansson

Models in collaboration with Nisch ManagementAlexander Sjöbohm, Jin Zou, Linnea Rimberg, Lucas Graf, Magda Wolde Selassie, Vera Edwall

Words by Eimi Tagore-Erwin

Featuring photographs by Alric Ljunghager, John Strandh & Martin Wichardt

Production by The Forumist Production

Special thanks to Peak Performance

Fashion Credits

All by Peak Performance

1. Grey Unisex Enter the Wild Hoodie  

2. Grey Unisex Enter the Wild Crew Neck

3. Black Unisex Enter the Wild Crew Neck

4. Unisex Enter the Wild Hoodie  

5. Black  Unisex Enter the Wild Hoodie

6. White Unisex Enter the Wild T-Shirt

7. Grey Unisex Enter the Wild T-Shirt

8. Grey Unisex Enter the Wild Crew Neck