A vision of us vividly echoing in the anterior chamber. Brief glances on the run. Mirroring movements through the loupe. Vitreous bodies as frequent travellers. A look through my eyes.

Body parts as Petri dishes of unspoiled expression. Microscopic changes in us seemingly enlarged. Patiently observing them growing on us. Moonmilk dripping in our shadows, slowly regaining physical form. Impulsively melting together with us into new utopian desires.

Through the translucent, under the veil. Constant longing and filtered emotion. Memories of touch and pressure. Friction of skin on skin. Abstract recollections of a future embrace.

In this portrayal of artist Regina Demina, Mastrandréas aims to ”talk about the violence that the woman’s body has integrated. To reappropriate violence in a deliberate way to overcome it.”.

A genderless vision rooted in freedom and equality completely lacking oppressive borders and gravities of identity.

Every second, every minute it seems you’ve set it running free. I recognize your fragrance of a flower bloomed in a dark room. Your natural hair and your soft skin flickering. Reaching for the highest branch. Savage blossoms shared in unanimity.