The Swedish artist Charlotte Gyllenhammar started as a painter but soon transitioned into a maker of photography, film and installations. The Forumist meets her to talk about her work, her growth as an artist and how she found her voice.

Embark on a captivating journey, where timeless imagery merges seamlessly with future elegance through the art of hairstyling. Explore the boundless world of self-expression.

The human body is much like a canvas – a blank page ready to be transformed. Emotions are the metaphor of the paint that fills the canvas with its array of colors, looking beyond the superficial shell and capturing one’s true essence.

Explore the contrast of androgyny and femininity, color and design, and experience the celebration of self-expression, exuberance, and extravagance that has been lost in a world of modesty.

Animism, an ancient belief in the vitality of all, finds its place in the very heart of contemporary design. Chairs that embody the stories of the trees they were carved from, or garments that carry the whispers of the winds that touched the fabric – in a world bustling with mass production, animism invites us to infuse intention into creation.

In the realm of fashion, an enchanting truth unveils itself: the allure of looking fabulous is not tethered to a “perfect” body or figure. Instead, it is an art form, a dance of styling and taste that transcends societal norms.