The momentum of wild bodies, the elegance of a gesture or a gaze scrutinizing another imagination: It is through this living body that we draw the outlines of this intimate and motionless journey.

An expressive insight in creativity where two individuals come together to combine visual artistry and quarantine beauty.

It’s just me again wanted to share my thoughts and feelings for you once again. I hope the gods of heaven treating you well and hope to see you on the other side one day.

This story is about finding new directions and pushing the coordinates of your ways and habits. It’s a good time to renew yourself and your life. Let’s try keeping it stray for a change.

A new world apart from the hidden doors that keeping us unfamiliar with the treasures this world has to offer us are fully opened and bringing beauty and joy from around the globe.

A realm of infinite realities. And from time to time an angel that lights one up, and takes it to you. As a leak between worlds, as new possibilities. As ideas and capabilities, as connections… as power.

Through the prism of the mise en abyme, this series brings to light the concept of End and Beginning which are one. The end of a great story that gives birth to another adventure. This series is the last tribute to Pierre Cardin.

Here are the first signs of the spring to come, the warmer light and air pushing through the cold for bringing back life and joy to all of us once again. Lets bloom again.⁠⁠