Schweppes Selection, in collaboration with Södra Teatern, Stockholm’s leading venue for entertainment and music, have created an exclusive range of drinks in tribute to one that was popular when strong alcohol was proscribed and which is now in demand once again. Welcome to the revitalization of the light grog

The launch of her first album in nine years, Swedish pop diva Agnes speaks with The Forumist about overcoming the past, personal growth and drag queens.

Climate change and the coronavirus pandemic have shown that humanity’s presence on this planet can be precarious. But, as a recent exhibition in Ålesund has shown, art is capable of revealing how we can better understand our role in the natural world

Three Swedish musicians Omar Rudberg, Jireel and Greekazo have already achieved success. Now, released from the constraints of the past year, they are rushing once more toward their futures

Costa Rica is showing the rest of the world how to work with nature for the economic and cultural good through ecologically minded tourism and architecture

Veronica Maggio has dominated the Swedish pop scene with her songs’ irresistible mix of melancholy and big choruses. As she records her seventh album, she tells The Forumist about the effect her music has on her fans and the importance of change.

Blue is the color of the deepest sky, blue is the color of my mood when I am feeling down, blue is the color of my makeup when I am feeling high. Let’s celebrate blue and bring it back.