Paris-based ambient electronic dance music duo, The Blaze, have had a meteoric rise. With their harmonies and finely wrought house beats supporting serious social messages, they are the sound of these changing times.

Three artists challenge tradition and the limitations of the genre in their work. Combining the worlds of art and design, their work transitions from one physical being to another, and also the artists themselves pass from one state of mind to another.

How does our present inform our future? With his latest exhibition ‘Uncensored’ at Fotografiska now on in Stockholm, we speak to multidisciplinary artist AdeY about his journey from dance to photography, and beyond.

The urban environment is where to find energy and identity in the luxurious, the extreme, in the freedom of crossing from the old to the new.

The planet’s food supplies are under unprecedented stress
Due to climate change, increasing world population, and soil degradation, the planet’s food supplies are under unprecedented stress. Clever tech is helping, but we must all rethink our attitude to food and where it comes from.