Since The Forumist magazine will be available in selected stores in Paris and the fashion week is approaching, We directed our radar on what makes this city the fashion capital of the world. This story is inspired by the Parisian street merchandiser and the way they bring color and inspiration into the daily urban style and one of many ingredients that make this city the most unique place in the world.

It’s the hair, it’s the inner wear-outer wear, it’s the strong-but-feminine, controlled-but-free look of the 1980s.

The painter Anna Camner and sculptor Fabian Bergmark Näsman, who have both recently joined The Forumist’s roster of artists, share a common interest in process and form, resulting in highly finished works which could be as much the result of industrial means as an organic emerging from the subconscious.

In a transformative creative landscape, unexpected collaborations pave the way for a new approach to craftsmanship. A recent crossover between jewellers In Gold We Trust and tech brand NUDIENT exemplifies this ongoing paradigm shift.