New Romantic

Exploring Contemporary Love and Expression, we delve into a world inspired by the timeless spirit of the greatest fashion images of all time. Drawing from the golden eras of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, we embark on a journey through classical roots intertwined with a silhouette that transcends time. Here, we celebrate the profound beauty and perfection of the human form, refining and enhancing its anatomy to magnify its inherent grace. Join us as we embrace a fusion of elegance and beauty, paying homage to the past while forging ahead into a future of boundless creativity and expression.

Team Credits:

MODEL: Nyamec @The Claw
1 STYLIST’S ASS: Silvia Maritato
2 STYLIST’S ASS: Francesca Lucchese

Fashion Credits:
1&5) Vest by PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE, skirt by FRIDA ZAZOU, and Trights by FALKE.
2) Dress by KRIZIA, trousers by CALCATERRA, shoes by FLIPPA K, and necklace by BOCCADAMO.
3) Shirt by KENZO, earrings by BOCCADAMO, shorts by KRIZIA, and boots by SARA WONG.
4) Dress by MALENE BIRGER, skirt by FENDI, sleeves stylist archive, earrings ANEIS JEWELRY, and shoes by JIMMY CHOO.
6) Mono-earring by ANEIS JEWELRY, and shirt by SARA WONG.
7) Dress by FRIDA ZAZOU, T-shirt on top by ALYSI, mono-earring by ANEIS JEWELRY, and tights by Falke.
8&9) Dress, skirt, and top by FRIDA ZAZOU, boots, and balaclava by SARA WONG.
10) Jacket by PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE, trousers by LORO PIANA, tights by FALKE, shoes by FILIPPA K, and earrings by BOCCADAMO.
11) Layering dresses by STEPHAN JANSON, and rings by ANEIS JEWELRY.
12) Body by FALKE, dress by ALYSI, shoes by JIMMY CHOO, necklace by HERMÈS, and rings by ANEIS.
13) Dress by FRIDA ZAZOU, skirt by FERRAGAMO, ring by ANEIS JEWELRY, tight by FALKE, and shoes by JIMMY CHOO.