Neon is dead

Neon dead, the holograms inert, waiting under the poisoned silver sky.

Team credits:
Photography by Jessica Grossmann
Styling by Anastasia Moor
Hair & makeup artist Katharina Handel
Model: Atusa @seedsmodels

Fashion credits:
#1&4 Dress katharina handel, body by Judith Bondy
#2&3 Jacket BONDY by Judith Bondy, Dress LENA VOUTTA
#5&6 Top stylists own
#7&8 Top BONDY by Judith Bondy, Trousers Saint Laurent, Waistcoat BONDY by Judith Bondy Satin, Boots Gucci
#9&10 Headpiece LENA VOUTTA, Blazer Vintage, Knit Trousers LENA VOUTTA, Felt Slippers stylists own
#11&12 Headpiece LENA VOUTTA, Crochet Bolero Tata Christiane, Satin Boots Gucci
#13&14 Hood stylists own, Coat G-Star, Gloves stylists own, Slipper Dr. Martens
#15&16 Headscarf stylists own, Pullover LENA VOUTTA, Jeans G-Star, Boots stylists own
#17&18 Top BONDY by Judith Bondy, Blazer Vintage, Pants BONDY by Judith Bondy
#19&20 Mask LENA VOUTTA, Coat Vintage, Knit Trousers LENA VOUTTA
#21 Boots Gucci