Embracing multiple personalities within oneself brings greater self-expression, flexibility in navigating different life situations, and an increased capacity for empathy and understanding toward others. It can also lead to personal growth, increased self-awareness, and a more nuanced understanding of the self.

Team Credits:
Photography by TOMI
Styling by Mayu Kawahara
Hair by Misato Awaji
Makeup by Minami Shirado
Model: Julianne

Fashion Credits:
1&2) Jacket by Lisa Suganuma, other items stylist´s own.
3&4) Stylist’s own
5&6) Shirt by Neith, other items stylist´s own.
7&8) Frill collar by 824-824-1225. Monogram Collar by Neith.
Other items are Stylist’s own.
9&10) Stylist’s own