Mi Vida Loca

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, there exists a rare breed who dares to defy the norm. Born from the vibrant circus world, one woman broke free from its confines, infusing the real world with her boundless creativity. With an unwavering conviction to embrace personal expression, she fearlessly roams the city, adorned in her chosen fashion and employing circus techniques with flair. Prepare to be captivated by this story, a testament to the beauty of defying expectations and celebrating individuality.

Team Credits:
Photography by Tomoharu Kotsuji
Styling by Yuki Yajima
Hair by Motoharu Iwaizumi
Makeup by MARI SUMI
Prop Stylist: Keita Furusawa
Model: Inga Markova at West Management

Fashion Credits:
1 & 8) Complete Look by M A S U
2, 5 & 6) Complete Look by Chika Kisada
3 & 7) Clothing by RequaL≡. Shoes by BALMUNG. Necklace by Tom Wood
4) Complete Look by Magliano
10) Complete Look and Necklace by KIDLL. Choker by KIDLL x Malcom Guerre