Mapplethorp and Robin, The Improbable Clash

Two unrelated careers, two men with nothing in common with two different techniques. As surprisingly as it may seem, the parallel between Mapplethorpe and Rodin leaves the spectator amazed by its relevance. First of all it’s an apparent triviality between the two artist’s and secondary they both go beyond the borders of the fields through which they express themselves. The techniques can be described as that the photo becomes the sculpture and the sculpture becomes the means of developing photos.

Mapplethorpe Rodin

Du 8 avril au 21 septembre 2014



Strolling, always strolling right through my dreams in Paris! In the 7th arrondissement this day in May 2014 at 79, rue de Varennes! Sculptures, plaster-figures, sketches and strangely enough, photographs. The museum is Rodin’s (even though to me it also belongs to Camille by her first name and Claudel by her last name), but in this fifth month when the days seem like holidays, it’s Rodin and Mapplethorpe that I will bring together. Two men, two destinies, two eras, two interpreters of shapes and matter. Two opposites and yet so similar: a will for pureness and simplicity, a desire for aesthetic precision. A total refusal of tricks and an enthusiasm for pure and symmetrically original lines.



Rodin and Mapplethorpe has the passion for forms, harmony and perfection. It’s time for me to take my undisciplined strolling and let it be lost at the Grand Palais. Only Mapplethorpe makes his appearance there and frees himself until July 13th, at the very heart of the great church which echoes the epicenter of his life: aestheticism, symmetry, perfection and above all, passion. Patti Smith, Lisa Lyon, Nicky Waymouth.. They all appear, offering him a final homage under the horizon of one of the most sacred cathedrals.




Words by Sophie Faucillion, translation by Lovisa Vasiliou.

Links: Pictures from Musée Rodin, Paris, France. Mapplethorp Rodin exhibition between April 8th – September 21th, 2014.