Manna Manna

Today is the premier of Hanna Järver’s new music video for the single ”Manna Manna”. Her music is an extensive combination of synths, electronic beats, a smooth voice and texts that are simultaneously multifarious as well as straightforward and honest.


Manna Manna is a sinuous text about memories with numerous of references on top of a melody driven by synths and vibrant beats. Furthermore you write and produce all of your songs by yourself. How was Manna Manna conceived? 

I wish I had the answer, but I don’t remember how it was written. But when producing, I wanted the sound to be vigorous and rock’n’roll. In my mind music becomes rock with just some fuzzy guitars, it’s shameful.

Why is the song important for you?

It was the last song I wrote for the record, so it completed and embodied it. I turn 25 in a month. I think of it as a soundtrack of the last years, going from nearly 20 to nearly 30. Very strange years.



In what way do you think that your new video enrich the music?

In contrary to the song, the video is soft and almost apathetic. I like that. But the special effects is the best element. I love to see myself and fire in the same picture, haha.

You moved from Örebro to Stockholm when you were 19 years old and many of your songs echoes of memories from your home town. What was your first experience of Stockholm coming from a smaller city?

At first it was boring. I worked full time, starting 4.30 in the morning and the bosses were awful. But all of this changed when I quit. I learned to subsist on air and started to release music. But well, in a short matter of time Stockholm became a small town as well.

Tell me about your weirdest memory from a gig!

Once I performed on a very big stage. I was filmed and saw myself on a big screen during the show. In the audience, there were only my manager’s partner, her friend and around four people eating hot dogs about one hundred metres away.

Earlier, you’ve been talking about writing as an important room of your own. Moreover, your texts are powered of a sharp voice. What does writing mean to you?

I hate to talk in front of people, to do status updates or express myself in social media. When writing music, I can speak in peace and quiet. It can turn out into something direct, illustrative, super weird, anything really.  Writing gives me a word in edgeways.

What makes you angry?

Anyone who doesn’t love animals.

Your EP ”Närke” includes the song ”Koka-Kola själ”, an interpretation of The Tough Alliance. What do you listen to at the moment?

I listen to HAIM, Cut Copy and christmas jazz.

This spring you’ll release your first full length album. What does it represent to you?

It feels special to release my first album, I’ve been longing for this ever since I was 16. Even though Närke was sort of a mini album, it has been a completely different process creating this album. It has taken more time and more energy, more of me in every way actually.

I won’t spoil the sound though!


Words by Hedvig Holgersson