Love isn’t just limited to family or lovers – it comes in many forms. Cherishing love leads to unique bonds that require consideration for each other’s feelings. This story showcases the beauty of love and the challenges of achieving intimacy and understanding in all relationships, from friends and family to significant others. Get ready for an emotional and beautiful journey as we explore the freedom that comes with being open, vulnerable, and connected with the people we love.

Team Credits:
Photographer by Meklit Tsige
Light by Foli Creppy
Light Assistant: Thi Thuy Nhi Tran
Styling by Naomie Mahray (EIMOAN)
Makeup by Joe Onde
Hair by Bayi Amoussou
Art Direction by Meklit Tsige & Foli Creppy
Post Production: Meklit Tsige & Pius Neuhauser
Models: Jamela, Frédéric & Zion, Ibrahim (Izaio Models), Celine (Izaio Models), Alto (Izaio Models), Alawi, Bayi
Catering: Isabel Wesch

Fashion Credits:
1,6&7) She wears; Pants, top, and skirt: Bondy. Earrings, bracelet, and necklace: Johanna Gauder.
He wears; Jacket: Bondy. Pants: Eimoan. Necklace and Rings: Models own.
2&4) She wears; Dress: Bondy. Belly chain, jewelry Bra, earrings & necklace: UglyNewCute.
He wears; Top: Bondy. Pants: Eimoan. Earrings: Johanna Gauder. Necklace: Models own.
3) Jackets: Eimoan. Earrings and silver necklace: Johanna Gauder.
5&8) Dress: Bondy. Earring and bracelet: Johanna Gauder. Chair: Klaus Mertens.