Louise Des Bois

 A story of an independent and courageous Louise who lives in the forest. The natural surrounding in her daily life turns into a rebellious creation of textures and colors one day to know who has the courage to search and find this magnificent creature hiding in the deepest parts of this forest.

Team credits:
Photography by Charlotte Favré
Clothes Christina Prieth
Model : Louise Spoturno Coty
Muh & hair : Shaila Moran

Fashion credits:
#1&10 Dress Bicolor by Christina Prieth Paris, Belt by Chloé
#2&8 Embroidery Mini dress by Christina Prieth Paris, Culotte in satin by D&G, Carven Heels
#3&9 Black Dress by Christina Prieth Paris // Chanel Shoes
#4&5 Satin Silk Dress by Christina Prieth Paris
#6&11 Electric Blue Dress in Lurex with Sekins by Christina Prieth Paris
#12&15 Golden Dress by Christina Prieth Paris, Vintage Chanel Heels
#13 Vintage Kimono by Dwi Iskandar, Chanel Shoes
#14 Butterfly Dress by Christina Prieth Paris