Lost in translation

Take me to the gardens of blooming cherry trees, where colours expand in harmony with the canvas of age-old surroundings. Let modern influences be unveiled through ancient traditions in a contemporary field of pure balance



Team credits
Photography by Motohiko Hasui
Styling by Koji Oyamada
Hair by Kazuya Matsumoto
Make up by Yuka Hirata
Model Tamamo

Fashion credits
#1 Top by Eckhaus latta, trousers by Cyberdog, basketball boots by Converse
#2 T-shirt  by X-girl x Fruit of the Loom, mesh top by Zara, hat by Jeremy Scott
#3 Hoodie by X-girl, tops by Hanes
#4 Hoodie by Fubu, skirt by Hysteric glamour 
#5 Dress by Hysteric glamour, basketball boots by Converse
#6 Jacket by Resistance, hoodie by X-girl, top by Opening Ceremony, skirt by Hysteric glamour, basketball boots by Converse
#7 Top by Hysteric glamour, shorts by X-girl
#8 Hoodie and trousers by X-girl, tops by Hanes, basketball boots by Converse