The boredom and isolation is a forcing power to endure creativity and a key to open up the hidden doors in your imagination. Embrace it and let it take you to a wonderland filled with joy and cheerfulness.

Team Credits:
Photography by Sina Östlund
Styling by Natalie Olenheim
Hair & Makeup by Martin Sundqvist
Models: Adrian Sotiris @ Mikas, Jon Zou & Florand @ Nischmanaement, Adrian @ Select Models

Fashion Credits:
#2 Black silk dress by Arethé Stockholm. Duvet by Mille Notti. Scarf by DeeApril
#2&3 Duvet & Pillows by Mille Notti. Shoes by Hope
#4,5&8 Pillow, blankets & Duvet by Mille Notti. Shirt by Remake & Nand
#6&7 Belt by Jean Paul Gauliter, Jacket by Remake