Little Milan

When I had just moved to Borås in September last year, I heard, in passing, how someone was referring to Borås as “Little Milan”. I had only recently been to Milan Fashion Week and giggled to myself for the rest of the day.

I’m sorry, but in Milan people dress in sequins from head to toe when there is a party. Extravagance never seems to be too much for anyone. More beads, more glitter, more hats, higher heels.

We have a lot to learn.



But in Borås, we do have Textile Fashion Center; an old textile factory that is now renovated and has become home to a plethora of companies and organizations; many of them working within textile and design. We have the Swedish school of Textiles where about 1,000 people graduate every year; ready to influence future closets. In addition, they offer a spectacular graduation show that always reminds me of why fashion is so darn exciting and important.




We organize Show Up Fashion Award once a year; a competition for Swedish fashion designers. We have fashion incubator that helps small fashion business grow. We cooperate with the Nordic School of Design, who are currently, presenting the most amazing exhibition with stunning garments made entirely of paper.

Beside this we also have the Fashion Gallery where you can buy unique fashion from upcoming designers. Here you will find patterns, silhouettes and color combinations that dare to be seen. No, requiring to been seen!

On the 24-25th of April we arranged Fashion Days 2015 throughout Textile Fashion Center.

We presented 7 fashion shows with products from Fashion Gallery, and the entire building welcomed everyone who was interested to take part in lectures, exhibitions and events.

On Friday the 24th Marketplace Borås arranged an exclusive dinner and fashion show with Swedish couture designer Lars Wallin. I was working backstage and made sure to touch all the dresses. Any stylist wet dream.

The dinner guests saw a spectacular fashion show previously only been shown in Hong Kong. Then they got a preview of Lars Wallin’s exhibition Fashion Stories, that is ongoing until 27th of September at the Borås Textile Museum here in Textile Fashion Center.

The exhibition is built around four themes: fashion, crafts, bride and artist.
Lars Wallin’s latest collection Limited Edition; a mix of couture and ready-to-wear can also be seen alongside never-before-seen pieces. Lars Wallin himself hopes that the exhibition will inspire visitors to dare to express themselves more personally in their style.
So the next time I hear someone call Borås for “Little Milan” I hope to agree, completely dressed in glitter. And I hope that all the terrific fashion presented here in Textile Fashion Center has had an impact on the entire Swedish population.




Words by Sidsel Löyche