We all need other people, especially now, to remind us who we are, to make connections, to be creative, to be free.

A community can stand for many things; Your inner circle, a creative collective, a group of like-minded people you were lucky to find. The people who share your passions, beliefs, or who simply lift you up and make you bloom by just letting you express yourself freely. For creator Ellen Elias this became very clear during the past nine months. The world was shutting down. The prospects became darker, but, on the contrary, for her and other artists, creativity and creative identity established itself, in conjunction with the definition of who the people were that mirrored and pushed her forward. To celebrate that exchange, photographer Anton Renborg and Ellen Elias give creative space to a few personalities from that human connection circle that we all need to thrive and remind us of who we are. Rapper, producer, and director Ayesha Quraishi with her son Ari. Best friends; Dancer, actor, and model Fredrik Quinones and dancer Talia Gallegos Fadda. Film and art curator Samuel Girma and his son Jonatan. Professional athlete Marvin Tay, PR consultant Fardossa Abdalla, and model Fariyah Ahmed.

Team credits:
Photography by Anton Renborg
Styling by EllenX Elias
Photographer assistant Tove Wall Dyrting
Stylist assistant Elca Heinebäck
Make-up by Milena Yigzaw
Models: Ayesha Quraishi, Ari Aschberg Quraishi, Marvin Tay, Fredrik Quinones, Talia Gallegos Fadda, Samuel Girma, Jonatan Girma, Fardosa Abdalla, Farhiya Ahmedi
Thank you to Studio Klippgatan

Fashion credits:
#1 Ayesha Quraishi (mother) wears Jacket by Woolrich, Pants by Bewider, Head Accessories stylist’s own
Ari Aschberg Quraishi (son) wears Turtleneck Top by Acne Studios, Bag by Ina Faaks,
Facemask stylist’s own
#2 Fredrik Quinones (left) wears Jacket by Stand Studio,
Pants by Bewider, Earrings by Caroline Svedbom, Necklace by Starstudio, Shoes by Our Legacy
Talia Gallegos Fadda (right) wears Jacket by Acne Studios, Leather Pants by Ina Faaks,
Head Props stylist’s own, Necklace by Caroline Svedbom, Shoes by Steve Madden
#3 Samuel Girma (father) wears Coat by Stand Studios, Skirt by Ganni, Top by Linus Leonardsson, Pants by Bewider, Hat by Hattbaren, Shoes stylist’s own, Bag by Steve Madden
Jonatan Girma (son) wears Jacket, Pants and Bag by Diemonde, Accessory Vest by Antonia Pihl, Head Wrap, Skirt by Boohoo, Sunglasses by Silhouette, Leather Gloves by Handsome Stockholm, Shoes Vagabond
#4 Fardosa Abdalla (left) wears Jacket by Stand Studio, Bodysuit by Bowie Wong.
Fariyah Ahmed (right) wears Jacket by Our Legacy, Bodysuit by Bowie Wong,
Leather Shorts by Stand Studio, Leather Boots Steve Madden, Face Jewellery by Starstudio
#5 Marvin Tay wears Pants by Antonia Phil, Hat by Hattbaren, Scarf by Naim Josefi,
Shoes by Our Legacy
#6 Ari Aschberg Quraishi wears Turtleneck Top by Acne, Bag by Ina Faaks, Facemask stylist’s own