Life with cats

New friends and family members joined our lives during the pandemic along with new ideas for how to spice up your and your new partner’s daily look for a happy marriage. 

Team Credits:
Photography by Shotaro Yamagoe
Styling by Midori Oiwa
Hair by Tatsuya Suzuki
Makeup by Koto
Model: Marianna Seki

Fashion Credits:
1&2) Dress & Skirt:Chance. Earrings & Shoes:Stylist Own.
3,9&10) Jacket:Chance. Bra-let & Blouse:Chika Kisada. Skirt:Rurumu. Hairband:Tory Burch. Necklace & Earrings:Stylist own.
4) Socks:Chika Kisada. Tights:Stylist Own.
5) Jacket:Dairiku. Organza Blouse:Chika Kisada. T-shirt:Rurumu. Skirt:Lacoste. Hat:The Factory Made. Tights:Leur Logette. Shoes:Melissa × Y/Project.
6) Hat & Cardigan:Rurumu. Blouse:Isabel Marant. Pants:Leur Logette. Socks:Lacoste.
7&12) Jacket:Forsomeone. Vest:Leur Logette. Skirt:Fumie. Tanaka Scarf& Tights:Stylist Own.
8) Blouse: Lacoste. Arm-let:Rurumu. Overall:Fill The Bill. Hat:Kangol. Socks:Model Own. Dress(Cat):Leur Logette.
11) Neckless: Rurumu